The website is currently in trasition so may seem a little disjointed. Until all the books are complete it's difficult to finish the site. It does function however, and will be completed shortly hopefully. I appologise in advanve for any bugs, if you find any please let me know so I can correct them.
Born in Yorkshire some time ago now in my sixty's and still single. Fairly widely travelled having lived in NZ and the USA for extended periods and currently back in Yorkshire. I've written books since I was very young, mostly science fiction because that's the kind of books I like. Love dogs and hiking, especially in the dales and most outdoor activities, weather permitting. To E-mail me just click. Paul Kirby

Working in nuclear power stations during the eighties gave me some insight into the drawbacks of this kind of energy, emphasized when Chernobyl blew up. I can see no long term future for fission plants and don't think we should build them. Fusion power should be here in the next decade or two and that should last forever.

In the Gray Star books the power source is antimatter, still way outside our capabilities and it's always possible we may have to produce the antimatter using fusion. I don't elaborate on that. There are a whole series of Gray Star books in the pipeline but the speed they get finished depends on the reception of the ones already out there.