Freedom is the ability to choose to whom or to what we enslave ourselves

Gray Star

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Gray Star is a Dyson sphere, a hollow world which encapsulates a small star, named Gray Star because all it's radiation is in the infrared. On the outside is perpetual darkness, with gravity about one third of a 'G'. Inside the two thousand mile thick shell is perpetual daylight, with gravity about one tenth 'G'. The mean temperature is tropical and clothing is not used by many.

Inside this hollow shell lives a multitude of humans, some our descendants, others originating from alien worlds. None are responsible for the construction of Gray Star, but all are prisoners within it's massive confines.

Over the millennia individual sects have arisen in Gray Star, some religious, some otherwise. This story begins with the arrival of an unwilling spaceship, and the occupants first contact with a native of Gray Star, an Owner. A young woman from the ship in search of adventure decides to accompany this man when he leaves. She soon discovers what was not apparent at the first meeting, that the name of the sect is descriptive, and that she has inadvertently become one of the owned.

Gray Star is a state of mind, as well as a place. Anything is possible there.