In the beginning there was light, but no one had eyes to see it, as is still the case for many


This story is set twenty five million years ago mainly on Earth, long before man. Several very advanced races find themselves trapped here and have to re-learn to live like savages. This story is told from the viewpoint of two of those people. Like all the other books it is a complete story in itself, but reading it first may also enhance some of the other books. Link for more information or to buy is on the cover picture below.

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Corra five is the original home of the Corran race. About twenty five million years ago they transformed the next planet in to the sun to eventually move there. This story is set at that time. They were then the oldest and most advanced race in existence and had a vast empire. A lesser member of the race, Kravor, went on an unimportant voyage to a primitive Earth and found himself fighting for life alongside less advanced people and lizard type aliens. He meets an Andoran there, Rayiel, much less advanced it's believed, but she helps him survive and then throws not only his world but the whole race into complete chaos. Things are not what they seemed to be, the security of the whole race is threatened and drastic actions are required. Rayiel becomes the focus of a complet re-evaluation of the Corran race and its values. The book also gives hints as to why man developed on Earth, natural disasters may not have been so natural.